Roger & Valerie Buehler

Building a home while living out of state can present some challenges. Lee Barker Builder helped us through every step of the building process. Answering our questions, sharing photos and communicating with us at a frequency with which we felt comfortable. Lee and Alex helped us make the most of our visits when we traveled to Colorado before and during construction. The relationships they maintain with subcontractors in northern Colorado helped keep our project on schedule. After we moved in Lee & Alex kept in contact with us to see that we were satisfied with our home. If you are looking for a builder that is committed to your project, knowledgeable and current about home construction, sustainability and new materials, we are confident in recommending Lee Barker Builder.

Ian & Jody Wood

When my wife and I decided to build a new home, we wanted to work with someone who of course had years of experience in the industry and who had well established sub contractors known for their reliability and performance.

We interviewed 8 or 9 builders, but knew as soon as we met Lee that he was the GC we wanted. Having designed the home myself, I didn’t need or want to have a large home building company redirecting or undermining the architectural nuances and uniqueness of what I wanted to achieve.

My wife and I wanted to work more intimately with Lee (and his son Alex) in the construction of the home so that my design goals were not lost in translation and that any “hurdles” could be addressed more efficiently and collaboratively; this is often not the case with larger builders who have multiple levels of direction with foremen and site managers, etc.

Lee’s operation is well organized and proficient. With close and consistent interaction with his customers he is able to provide an accurate estimate of costs, as well as maintain a respectable timeline for the build. After the build, Lee remains responsive to questions and concerns, making any effort to address them in a timely manner. For his experience, professionalism, and his work ethic we highly recommend Lee Barker for the construction or remodel of your home.

Bob Grimmer & Gretchen Langston

It is with great confidence that I recommend Lee Barker Builder for your custom home building or remodeling needs. We were fortunate to have found and selected Lee and Alex for the construction of our mountain homestead. Very quickly we discovered that their sense of style, ethics, and commitment to quality would help make our dream a reality. Our 'Colorado Farmhouse' style home blends perfectly with the terrain and looks like it's always been a part of the property. Their reputation and selection of a quality, efficient team of subcontractors allowed us to finish the home on schedule and within budget. Lee is honest and committed to providing his customers the best work possible. We were very impressed with their dedication to having a constant presence on the worksite and oversaw subcontractors' completed work, held them accountable for cleaning up each day, and made sure any deficiencies were corrected in a timely manner. We have since recommended Lee Barker Builder to friends who are presently under contract for their home, and will continue to do so in the future. My family sincerely thanks them for a low stress construction operation and a smooth transition into our mountain dream home. We are very happy with the finished product and appreciate the results of their hard work every day. One of Colorado's premier contractors; we would highly recommend Lee Barker Builder for your custom home construction or remodeling needs.

Cathy Morrison & Andy Brown

After several meetings with Lee Barker we knew we had the right fit in a contractor. Lee worked with us to first come up with a budget, plan and time table we could live with comfortably. He was great about coming up with ideas and suggestions along the way that would save money and make our home more energy efficient. He knew when it made sense to spend a little extra or where to cut back and save. Lee worked closely with us, making sure we understood the construction process, always answering our question and concerns, sitting down with us every month to go over the budget, line by line so we always new where we stood. The result is a wonderful home that is beyond our expectations. Lee is the best.

Frank Warner

My wife and I wanted to build a new custom home in Colorado whilst we were living in England, an interesting task! Our requirements were high both in specifications and some extraordinary and contemporary custom features. Lee Barker worked tirelessly with ourselves to create our dream home. He helped us right along the whole process from appointing an award winning local architect through to choosing the materials, products and the specialist contractors with whom he had obvious great working relationships. The result is everything we could have wished for and it was a real pleasure to work with Lee on the project.

Steve Byers, Principal – EnergyLogic, Inc.

I’ve worked with Lee Barker for the past several years. Both when he was working for other builders and now that he’s on his own. In our line of work, it’s rare to work with builders that fully understand and grasp the intricacies of building science in the way that Lee does. Lee is both an innovative builder and a thoughtful builder, always considering sustainability in how he builds his homes. In addition to his depth and breadth of knowledge, Lee is intensely committed to doing the right thing, both in life and in building. He’s a quality builder and if there were a world of Lee Barker’s out there building homes, we’d all be better off.

Alesa & Bill Locklear

Working with Lee at Lee Barker Builder has been a delight. He understood our vision of a truly sustainable home from the beginning and had the know-how to make it a reality. He was a source of practical information so our home is as truly comfortable as it is green-built. His communication skills made the building process as painless as possible. He also worked closely with all the sub-contractors to assure their work would be of the best quality while being competitively priced. We have been thoroughly pleased with our experience and highly recommend Lee Barker Builder.

Chapman Rose – RPM Mechanical

Lee Barker is one of those rare contractors who combines quality, energy efficiency and intelligent design to build high-performance, functional homes. Not only have we worked as a subcontractor for Lee Barker Builder to build energy-efficient and cost-effective homes, we also have had a successful, longstanding relationship with Lee Barker himself – a reliable and diligent contractor who straightforwardly establishes a good rapport with customers. The green energy movement is only as good as the people who lead the way. We consider Lee Barker to be one of those leaders.

Bruce & Margaret Blaho

We built a full custom home with Lee Barker a few years ago, and could not be more happy with the results, as well as the process he used to get us there. Lee is a great planner, very organized, always calm, especially when issues come up, and led us through the experience with no surprises. Along the way, Lee had valuable suggestions and ideas for our house, and was always available to consult with us as we made our many decisions. Having built a house with another builder before we met Lee, we fully appreciate how fortunate we were to have him working for us.